The most harmful things for erection

This capricious erection

Erection is as capricious as female orgasm. Problems with it impact almost all spheres of a man, from family relations to financial welfare. Scientists proved that sexually active men earn more and succeed more than their coevals. But in this article we’ll talk what one should avoid not to get problems.

Here is the list of the most dangerous things for erection:


Meat that we buy in supermarkets is full of hormones that are fed to animals so they gain more weight. It concerns chicken, beef and pork. Eating such meat can impact your hormone background and erection depends on it.

Do you like meat? Don’t be lazy and go to the market. Of course no one guarantees that it is free off harmful hormones. But still chance to buy a good meat there is much higher.


The harm of beer is not based on alcohol or high caloricty. The main trouble is phytoestrogen – plant analogue of female hormones. You like beer? Don’t get surprised if you breast become larger.


As we all know smoking leads to spasm of blood vessels. And blood vessels are the reason of a good erection.


First all these hotdogs and hamburgers are full calories. But it’s not the main danger. Fastfood has high rate of transgene fat that leads to genetic mutations and hormonal changes. By the way transgene fats can be found in ice cream and in a cheap butter that producers call dairy.


Having analyzed more popular medicines scientists made a conclusion that more than 16 of them can lead to impotence.

The most dangerous for erection are spasmolytic ones, medication from high blood pressure, soporifics and sedatives, gastric ulcer medicines.


Not only coffee but all the drinks that contain caffeine. The matter is that caffeine binds all testosterone and it makes female hormones production stronger.

Beware: coffee makes a woman of you!


It is said much about harm of an alcohol. But we’ll say it again: alcohol damages erection. It happens because of liver troubles. The consequence of it is different hormonal disbalances that lead to different sexual disorders.


Sleep is not only a physical and intellect rest. During sleep many processes activate, that are slow during wake. For example testosterone production is higher during sleep. And the same can be said about other significant substances.


Muffins and white bread contain sugar, cornstarch and leaven. Each this substance damages erection and together they become a real menace.

Smoked food

If you think that your favourite sausages are smoked on fire or in industrial smoke machine, you’re wrong. Most of the food that is sold in supermarkets have their taste because of a special substance called liquid smoke. Just imagine what it is made of. No surprise that it affects your body in a harmful way, especially on testicles – glands that produce main quantity of testosterones in a male body.

Increase of sugar in blood

High rate of sugar in blood is one the most widespread reason of impotence. Glucose decrease sensibility of nerve endings and it slow sexual excitement. Besides high rate of sugar is bad for blood vessels what leads to impotence too.

So if you have diabetes, stick to doctors’ prescriptions. It will be useful for everybody to decrease sugar consumption to 50 gram a day.

High rate of salt consumption

Those who love salty food should know that sodium decreases testosterone production. Remember salt formula from chemistry lessons?

But don’t be afraid: you shouldn’t refuse salt at all, it is useful for keeping water balance in a body. It is excess of salt that is harmful, not salt itself.


Disorder in relation between muscle and fat leads to changes in hormonal background. Testosterone production goes down and glucose production increases. As a result secondary sexual characteristics become less represented. And problems in sexual activity appear.


For many ones this product is a substitute of meat. But one should be careful with it: soy is full of phytoestrogenes. Soy is a useful product with high rate of protein, but it can’t substitute meat or fish, because it decreases male hormone production.

As we see there are not many rules for keeping a good erection:

  • Give up smoking and drinking
  • Decrease consumption of sugar, alcohol and food with transgene fat
  • Don’t abuse caffeine and soy
  • Watch your weight and sleep

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