Sex with two girls: how to persuade a woman

Many want it, not many get it

Famous tabloid Archives of Sexual Behaviour placed on their pages results of research about threesome. Scientists wanted to learn if many couples practice such kind of relationship and how it works.

According to the results a quarter of all canadian men and three times less quantity of women have such an experience. Still more than a half of respondents find this idea interesting. Looks like many people want it, but not all of them can make this wish come true. In most cases women don’t want to take part in this experiment. Is there any way out? Can one convince a woman?  Let’s find out!

Where can you find the third one?

Let’s rely on scientific approach. Canadian researchers say that women, speaking about threesome, are more interested in 2 women + 1 man variant, because they consider it to be more secure.

The second important moment: a woman is ready for a group sex with her acquaintance only if she will be the third one. If she is in relationship with a man, she would like some unfamiliar woman to be the third partner.

So where should we look for a one more woman? If you don’t get it, here is a clue: which site are you at now?

Winning strategy

If your girlfriend is not a member of a local swinger club, you should act accurately. We recommend to start from afar.

For example watch some good erotic movie with two women and one man. Let her get aroused. But don’t finish what you started, let her have feeling of something unreleased. Let her want more. If you succeeded half of a work is done.

Watch your girlfriend’s reaction attentively. What does excite her most of all? You should find her preferences: it will help to offer  her the best option which she won’t refuse.

The moment for the next step must be chosen really carefully. First she must be tuned to sincerity. Second she must have a good mood. Third: no mistakes from your side, she must be satisfied with you.

Don’t wait for a good moment, take it in your hands. For example, organize a romantic dinner. Tell her how strong you love her and how beautiful she is. Start a conversation about fantasies and erotic dreams. And let one of your fantasies be exactly what you want. Try to describe it as seducing as possible emphasizing her pleasure, not yours. In general use all your creative thinking: your story must arouse her. Be nice to her in this evening and do please her.

Such a weekend will be really useful for both of you. First you’ll have a great time together. Second you’ll get closer to each other and a rate of trust will get higher. Third you’ll put thoughts about threesome in her head, and these thoughts will have a positive vibe. And finally she’ll be grateful for such a good time. And this is the time for the final step.

Final step

When you are together confess her that you get back to the dream you told her about and think about it more and more. Ask her in a shy way: “how do you think, could we ever try it?”. When you talk about some undefined future it’s easier to agree.

And now you have a good reason to get back to this conversation later like: “you know I found a site occasionally… let’s see together”. For the first time it will be enough to watch some photos and announcements. You can find a reason to laugh at something together.

Than you can discuss the possibility of it, talk about contraceptive stuff in this case and so on. Until you say at some moment: “Look… let’s try it…”. It’s quite possible that she will refuse. But after such a long preparation, you got more chance that she will agree.

Basic rules of sex with two women

The first time can be the last one. For not letting it happen, use our recommendations:

  1. Don’t invite a person to your house, it’s better to rent a flat or a hotel room
  2. Buy many condoms – you’ll have to change them every time you change a woman
  3. Pay your attention at your girlfriend most of the time. She shouldn’t feel jealous.
  4. Discuss the participation of the second girl beforehand. For example your girlfriend don’t like if you kiss the second girl in the leaps.
  5. Quality alcohol can relax all of you, but don’t drink much. It can spoil everything.
  6. If you couldn’t help yourself and climaxed too fast it’s all right! It’s difficult to hold yourself especially at the first time. And you have a chance to get aroused again. And don’t stop fondling your partner she also must get pleasure.

As you see the goal is not a simple one. And nobody can guarantee success. So do it only if you really want it. All in all there are neither simple things nor guarantees in relationship.

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