Learning to read hidden signals of women

You think it’s not possible to understand women? It looks like nuclear physics for you? What will you say if we teach you to understand women signals? At least those which say that a girl is interested in you. Your task is to remember them. And be attentive.

You entered a room and they got interested in you

“External examination”

An interested woman will look at you bottom-up. First she’ll look at your shoes, than legs and thighs, clothes, hands (even nails), and the last at your face. This will happen quickly, it will take just a second. So it is not easy to catch this glance, but don’t worry! You’ll learn with time.


At your sight the woman makes her back straight, bulges her breast, livens up.


Girls try to take an attractive stance, trying to hold a good view, hoping you look at her.

Girls noticed you during conversation

If these girls are very young they will start giggling looking at you from time to time. They can sit closer to each  other.

More grown up women show their interest in a less obvious way.

Eye signals on a distance

If a girl holds a book, a journal or a menu she will look at you above it. This is a obvious sign that she is interested in you. Such situation can happen anywhere: in cafe, train or a library.

One more glance that says about an interest is so called geisha`s look when a girl looks down for some time and looks at you quickly and looks down again. When she looks at you being busy she is also interested.

Signals with denudation

No we don’t mean anything undecent: a woman can show some part of her skin innocently. For example she can push her dress neckline.

Playing with a shoe on her leg also means her interest in you. Showing her armpit is a green light. The girls raises one or both her hands putting them behind her head. Or she takes a stance when this zone is open for some time.

Of course an interested woman will use her legs. She can shove an edge of her skirt and spread her knees a little bit. If a woman sits with her legs crossed her knees are directed towards a man.

Making distance shorter

If a girl tries to make a distance between you less, be sure she got an eye on you.

When a girl tries to sit or come closer to you or make a distance even less than normal you should see it as a good sign. If a girl came closer and then went away, it means she wants you to play this game.  Also she can put something in your private space: her phone or a bag.

Also you should pay attention at her casual touches. As a rule these touches are not casual at all. If she can’t come close to you she will bow her body towards you approving some your statement.

Hand signs

As we all know inner side of a wrist is the most sensible part of a woman’s body. If she wants to demonstrate it, it means she is interested in you. Smoking girl tries to hold a cigarette demonstrating her wrist quite often.

Playing with neck jewelry or with an earring is also a good sign.

Playing with hair is a whole separate point. Circling curls around a finger, playing with hair, correcting her haircut – these are good signs meaning her interest in you.

Don’t get nervous if a girl clenches her fists talking to you. It means that she likes you. But if she props her chin with fists showing you outer space of her hands – she is indifferent and bored.

Remember this rule: inner side of hands – she is interested in you, outer sides – no interest.

Stroking her body is a also a good sign. As a rule girls stroke their so called centers of pleasure. Be attentive with this sign, maybe it will be useful in future when you work on a map of her erogenic zones. If a woman notices your reaction, her strokes can become more straightforward. Unexperienced girl can become shy, but it only proves her interest in you.

Neck signs

Neck is the most vulnerable and undefended part of a body. Demonstration of a neck means total trust. A woman who is interest in you can open show her neck by putting her hair aside, unfastening her blouse button or just raising her head opening her throat.

Smartening up

Usually girls try to smarten up when men don’t see them. But if she does it at your presence, she wants to attract your attention to her beauty.

“It feels good with you”

Signs from this group are demonstrated when you spend some time together.

If you watch a girl you can notice that gestures change. When she likes you, she gesticulates more actively.

Also a great sign if she starts repeating your stances, face expressions or phrases. This trick if you use it knowingly is one of the most efficient means of neuro-linguistic programming, which helps to win a person over.

Also a girl can start playing a little girl making some cute and funny things like showing her tongue, winking, biting her leap and etc.

There are also sign which say about her sexual interest, and a girl can show them when she is excited or drunk.

Licking her leaps is one such signs, when she does it, she wants you to kiss her.

And of course you will notice if she starts biting her leaps or putting some things in her mouth, like a pen for example.

How to behave when you mention signs

The main rule of your behaviour is accordance to the intensivity of her signals. You can’t embrace her if she just sits beside you. It’s enough to just touch her hand casually.

Here are simple rules that can help to stimulate her continue what she started:

  • Smile to her sincerely and look at her eyes. It can create a positive mood and raise mutual trust.
  • From time to time looks at her bottom-up. This will demonstrate your interest in her.
  • Use the NLP trick mentioned above – repeat her gestures, mimics. Do it for long and unobtrusively.
  • Step by step make a distance between you shorter. But do it slowly and watch her reaction attentively.

How to understand that you got no chance

Yeah, it can happen too. And it’s better to understand it as soon as possible, just not to waste your time and energy.

Here are the signs that you’ll have to search sex somewhere else.

1. She talks phone almost all the time, checks her mail or social webs.

It means you are far from the first in her list.

2. She calls you a good friend

It’s possible to go out of a friend-zone, but it’s very complicated. And it won’t happen fast. At least today you won’t get anything.

3. She doesn’t straighten up at your presence

If she hunches it means she doesn’t care how she looks in your eyes. So she is not interested in you.

4. She came to your place and didn’t took off her shoes

It means she’s not gonna spend much time at yours. Besides she feels much more comfortable in shoes and she’s not gonna lose this feeling because of you.

5. She is not interested in your ex-girlfriends

It means she got no interest in you as a sex partner.

6. She crossed her hands

We do it when we want to defend our private space. So she’s not gonna share this space with you.

7. She took a “critic” stance

Critic stance is when she props her chin with a fist. If a girl took such a stance you got nothing to do here. Change the subject of conversation as fast as possible.

8. She says “no”

The word “no” said with a normal volume and clearly means “no”, not “maybe”. Reconcile and pay your attention at some other girl.

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